A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes song  1:27 min.  Cinderella Sing-along with lyrics  

"Accentuate the Positive" 3:55 min.  Ella Fitzgerald

"Another Brand New Day" Glenn Colton Live  2:32 min.  - Elementary 

"Be True to Your School" 2:08 min.   The Beach Boys

"Believe"   - Shawn Mendes      3:35 min.  video   (Dream, Encouragement)

"Believe" lyrics video with Shawn Mendes  3:28 min.   (Dream, Encouragement)

Bridge Over Troubled Waters song and lyrics - Simon & Garfunkel  4:55 min. 

"Bring on Tomorrow" 4:53 min.  Fame - The Musical

Building Bridges (Acceptance)  2:51    Glenn Colton     - Raise our Voices    Elem.

"Celebration"  -   Kool & the Gang    4:18
"Celebration" song with lyrics  3:34 min 

Cha Cha Slide   4:14  Mr. C The Slide Man  

The Sid Shuffle - Ice Age   3:25 -  (Cha Cha Slide with Sid the Sloth)

Change the World 3:24 min. 

"Classical Gas" - Mason Williams   great background music  

Chicken Dance by students 2:46  min. 

"Circle of Life"   4:06 min. 
"Coat of Many Colors"  3:06 min.  Lyrics song video

 "Come On, Get Happy"  The Patridge Family  1:19 min.

"Count Me In"  2:19 min.  Lower Elementary 

"Cupid Shuffle" -   3:52     

Don't Worry, Be Happy  4:56  Bob Marley

Earth:  We're In It Together  2:43 min. with lyrics  PreK – 5th

The Earth Song  4:59 min.   by Nick Kello  - Site includes printed lyrics

"Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right"   2:57   Bob Marley

"Everybody" by Raul Midon  9:15 min.

"Everything is Awesome" The LEGO movie   2:44 min. 

"The Electric Slide" 
"How To Do the Electric slide"  6:54 min.  

"Do the Limbo Dance"  4:48 min    David Hasselhoff  + lyrics

"Everyday People"  -  6:05 min.  Reba McEntire & Co

"For Good"  Kristen Chenoweth  4:08   Friendship

"Get Down On It"  by Kool and the Gang  4:36

"Go the Distance"  4:32 min. Lyrics
"Go the Distance"  2:30 min. 

"Happy" 4:06 min.  Official Music Video

"Heroes and Friends" by Randy Travis  3:15 min.

 "Heroes" by Paul Overstreet  4:27 min.

"MY HERO" - Mariah Carey 4:23 min.  

 "I Like to Move It!  Move It!"   2:50
I Think You're Wonderful!   2:45 min. with lyrics  Red Grammer’s song   Elementary

"I Was Here"  3:44. min. 

"I'm Amazing"   by Zeb Mo   3:15 min.

“I’ve Got A New Attitude” lyrics

"I've Got A New Attitude"  song video  Patti LaBelle  4:03 min. 

"Keep Holding On"   4:12 min.

Kind-Hearted Hand  2:22 min.  All Ages   Kind-Hearted Hand was written by Peter Seltser, a visionary artist who believes in a better world. The song was performed by the children of KIDS for PEACE, a global non-profit that is working to uplift our world through love and action.  

Let's Make a Dream  by Joe Raposo  3:06 min.  with lyrics  

Look Through My Eyes with lyrics  4:02 min.

"Love Can Build A Bridge"  5:55 min.  song by The Judd’s

"May the Light of Love"  song  by the Kingston Trio  3:44 min.

"May the Light of Love" song YouTube   4:21 min.

“May the Light of Love” song lyrics   

"One Voice" lyrics     video  2:49 min.

"Please and Thank You"  1:19 min.  Lower elementary

"Point of Light"  Randy Travis   3:37 min

"Power in Me"  3:56 min. 

"Random Act of Kindness"  3:27 min 

"RESPECT" Song  2:54 min.  Lower elementary

The ABC's of YOU   3:16 min.  with lyrics - Fred Penner   Elementary

"The Courtesy Song" 1:07 min   Lower elementary

"The Fight Song" video with lyrics   3:21 min. 

"The Hero" by Mariah Carey  4:23 min. 

"The Power of One"   4:15 min.

"The Wind Beneath My Wings" song video with lyrics 4:59 min.
We Are Family (lyrics)   3:27 Sister Sledge

"We Are The World"     7:11 min.  

"We're All In This Together"          4:43 min.

 We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands      2:21 min. 
Official Music Video for one of DARIA's Earth Day CD songs: We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands 
Great for Earth Day!

We've Got the Whole World In Our Hands  3:13 min.  with lyrics

"What A Miracle" “ 2:41 min.  Elementary

What I Am!    2:01 min. Elementary

Just Dance Y.M.C.A. 5 Stars  4:36  - lyrics on screen with dancers 

"You Raise Me Up"   4:14 min


You've Got A Friend song and lyrics  4:32 min.   James Taylor  

"You've Got A Friend"  song   4:52 min.  -video by Celine Dion, Shanaia Twain, Carole King, and Gloria Estefan  

Toy Story - "You've Got a Friend in Me" song and lyrics  2:10 min.   


Christian Songs: