Poetry and character building prose can provide a basis for discussion of virtues and ethics. It offers the opportunity for consideration of values and high ideals to help learners develop their own personal convictions. Memorizing poetry aids in internalizing thoughts and eloquent language. Partnering it with recitation develops confidence and skills in expression and poised public speaking.

Use the links below to access the printable poetry resources on the Great Expectations website. There are additional poetry resources in the Great Expectations Methodology Manual.

  1.  Anthology of Poems for Vision/Dream
  2.  Anthology of Poems for Goal Setting and Self Reflection
    Additional poems:     

  3. Anthology of Poems for Choice Additional poems:   
  4.  Anthology of Poems for Modeling Desired Behaviors
    Additional poems:   

  5.  Anthology - poems for the Magic Triad  Additional poems:  
  6. Poems for Procedures:
    Anthology - Contains the following poems:  

    • “Do It Right” - Samuel O. Buckner
    • “All It Takes” -Author Unknown
    • “The Habit Poem” -Author Unknown
    • “How Long Does It Take to Learn” -Author UnknownAdditional poems:
    • “Anyway” - Mother Teresa (link to biographical information)
  7. School/Class Pledges Poems and Songs - Elementary
  8. Click on ‘Life Principles’. The menu on the right has 13 life principles with extensive resources. Click on any of the LP and there will be a menu that has a specific section on poetry for that trait.
  9. Click on ‘Eight Expectations’. Select any of the Eight Expectations and you will find poetry selections listed.
  10. Memorization