Practice Nine – Ideas at the door!


  1. Student Ambassadors - Outline for establishing a school Ambassador program.
  2. Strategies for Pairing Learners - Includes a variety of methods for pairing learners - These same pairing strategies may be used to assign new seating. As students enter the classroom, hand them one of a pair and tell them to find its matching answer. That will be their assigned seat.
  3. Greeter Procedure - Script examples for greeting, introducing, welcoming, and seating visitors
  4. Visitor/Greeter Energizer - Strategy for practicing visitor/greeter dialogue
  5. Procedure for Asking and Answering Questions in Complete sentences Example
  6. Door Greeter Rhyme Sign - Door sign to invite visitor to knock and wait to be greeted.
  7. Door Sign - “You are now entering……..”
  8. Door Sign for Non-traditional Class Setting - gym, music, etc. - requests visitor to come inside and wait to be greeted. - FREE digital download 
  9. 'All Who Enter Here' Door Poster 
  10. Magic Triad Greeting Rug - Visual strategy for giving students the choice of how they want to be greeted each day.
  11. Entrance and Exit Tickets - article explaining and giving examples.
  12. The First 2 to 6 MInutes of Class - 10 Ideas for beginning class
  13. Remedy for Tardy Students - strategy for positive handling of tardy students
  14. Strategies for Use of the Magic Triad - includes multiple lessons, activities, and songs
  15. 4x4 Magic Triad Task Card - Songs and poems 
    1. SMILE poems and songs
    2. Magic Triad chants and songs 1
    3. Magic Triad Chants and songs 2
  16. Student Management Songs and Chants Includes: 
    • Quiet’s Alive Chant
    • Chant for Leaving Desk
    • Callback for Quieting Students
    • Self-Discipline Refocusing Chant
    • Criss Cross Applesauce Chant
    • Song for Going Out to Recess
  17.  Hands and Verbal/Non-verbal Class Management Procedures
  18. Redirecting Behavior by Offering a Positive Challenge: A Classroom Example
  19. Friendship Life Principle