Practice Nine – Implementation Ideas

  1. Strategies for Use of the Magic Triad - includes lessons, activities, and songs
  2. “Our Personal Best” Poster - Strategy to create visual showing talents/services of students
  3. Ideas at the Door - Multiple strategies for use throughout the educational environment
  4. “I Don’t Think So!” strategy plus one more, “It’s all in the way you say it!” Great to demonstrate the importance of tone of voice, inflections, and body language
  5. Different Voices Activity – May be used with the poem, “Tone of Voice” - Author Unknown
  6. Magic Triad Display Examples - photos of ideas
  7. 4x4 Magic Triad Task Cards - Songs and poems 
    1. SMILE poems and songs
    2. Magic Triad chants and songs 1
    3. Magic Triad Chants and songs 2
  8. Creating Positive Dialogue by Redirecting with Quotes - Strategies for the use of Quotes including a variety of practical examples and printable quote posters.
  9. The C.R.O.S.S.ROADS CHOICE Directory - Teach making better choices with the complete set of CHOICE materials for implementation of the five step C.R.O.S.S.ROADS Choice process including ‘How to Introduce’, student and educator examples using the process in goal setting, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and general decision-making, posters, task cards, etc.
  10. Literature and Poems for Modeling Desired Behaviors
  11. ‘We're ALL Stars’ Activity - for grades 3-12) Activity to recognize and affirm individual strengths 
    1. Star Activity Pattern - Star pattern to be used with lower elementary
    2. How to make a 5 pointed star - How-to-fold a 5 point origami star
    3. 5 Point Star Directions
    4. How to Make a 5 point star video - 1:17 min.
  12. Enthusiasm and Encouraging Attitude Resources
  13. Book of Wisdom - A journaling strategy that supports character development
  14. Strategies for Respect - Multiple strategies for creating a positive classroom environment
  15. Tips for Motivation and Encouragement - Multiple online resources
  16. R – Realize Strengths and Potential Lesson Materials include activities, literature, videos, quotes, vocabulary, and music. Click on the appropriate level. 
  17. E – Encourage Effort Lessons - Lesson Materials include activities, literature, videos, quotes, vocabulary, and music. Click on the appropriate level. 
  18. Neck Up, Check Up – poster - Use to have learners reflect on personal attitude before beginning writing/presentation or as a redirection for desired behaviors and attitudes.
  19. Quick Classroom Stress Relievers for Teachers
  20. Key Ideas on Modeling Respect - printable posters and Tips for Motivating Learners with links to multiple classroom strategies
  21. Building a Culture of Respect, Trust, and Success - Research and supporting strategies
  22. The First 2 to 6 MInutes of Class - 10 Ideas for beginning class
  23. What's Happening the First Eight Days of School Poster
  24. Creeds - multiple resources on creeds - quotes, literature, memorization and how-to-write-a-creed strategies, etc.
  25. Practice 2 - Educators and learners speak in complete sentences and address one another by name, demonstrating mutual respect and common courtesy.
  26. Procedure for Designating Time for Formal or Casual Speech Example
  27. Procedures - includes procedure tools, examples, quotes, resources, etc.
  28. Contingencies -- A ‘When…., Then…..” strategy for classroom management
  29. Self-reflection Strategies - includes reflection writing stems, poster, a One-Minute Feedback strategy, etc. - All Age Levels
  30. Classic Literature Resources - Anthology of resources for myths, fables, folk tales, and other classic literature (some interactive) - use these for examples of the life principles.
  31. Strategies for Adding Novelty and Interest to Instruction
  32. Five Ways to Start Your Lessons - 1:28 sec. Video with 7 ideas for beginning a lesson.
  33. Writing Strategies - List of writing resources and activities for all grade levels
  34. Six Ways to Improve Communication - Tips and strategies for improving communication through feedback, quotes and more
  35. Life Application Lessons - 3 lessons applying problem-solving in real life situations, literature, and investigating cause/effect relationships.
  36. Hand’y Curriculum Connections Page One, Page Two - graphic organizer incorporate the six questions to analyze any piece of literature/curriculum content Hand'y Curriculum Connections - Digital download
  37. Six Question Cube - Question Cube with the six basic questions, Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How 
  38. “Call to Excellence” Rise and Shine Ideas - Ideas for learners to use presentation skills in an assembly
  39. Minute Mania Verbal Fluency - quick effective pre-writing strategy
  40. Writing Fluency Strategy - pre-writing strategy that works to quickly put ideas down in words.
  41. Character Resources - Tips for creating positive dialogue, quotes, poetry, and literature
  42. Using "Think-Time" and "Wait-Time" Skillfully in the Classroom. - article giving the “HOW” for using think time and wait time as well as strategies to implement additional processing time
  43. Wait Time for Questions - article giving the ‘WHY’ for using wait time as well as other tips.
  44. Journaling Tips Why journaling is important and tips for implementing.
  45. State Changes
    - 4x4 Task Cards with State Changes