Choice Process Tools

Lessons and Strategies CHOICE

  1. Use any of the resources below to discuss making choices.
  2. Introductory lesson to choices:
    Brainstorm choices learners make before school, at school, after school.   See School Day Choice chart and School Day Example Choice Chart.  Add to the example or start with blank chart.
  3. Tools:  May use the strategies below with:
    1. any general decision-making as a class or with an individual learner
    2. Problem-solving
    3. Conflict resolution
    4. any situation/story to analyze choices made by character/s.

Printable documents:

Suggest use as introductory songs for Choice

Lower Elementary:



2)  Literature Lessons:
Since Choice is an integral part of every story, the decision-making process steps may be applied to analyze the choices being made along with the consequences.  This gives endless opportunities for reinforcing decision-making skills. 

Selection of Potential Questions for Discussion:

  • What choice was most important to the story ending?
  • What might be some other possible choices (options) ?
  • What was the critical point in the story where the choice made affected everything afterwards?
  • What effect did the choice have on the others in the story?
  • Were there smaller choices made that affected the main one?   If so, what were they?
  • What choice would you have made and why?

3)  Reflection: (Select one.)

Have learners draw or write about:
I agreed/disagreed with the choice to……because…..
For my own life, the story made me think…….
The decision that stood out was…..