Literature And Poems About Choice

  • Anthology of Poems for Choice
    I choose to live by choice   --Author Unknown
    A Better Me   by Jojoba Mansell
    DREAMS  by Langston Hughes
    The Challenge   by Jim Rohn
    The Road Not Taken  by Robert Frost
    The ARMFUL   by Robert Frost
    Plain Old Oyster  --Author Unknown
    What is Success?  By Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Hard Choices   by Jojoba Mansell
  • Life Is  by Mother Teresa
  • Just One  --Author Unknown
  • At the Crossroads by Kim Pitner


For quick classroom lessons on Choice, an easily accessible resource Is the Chicken Soup series of books.  Most of the short stories may be used for illustrating and analyzing choices.  is the website that posts free stories every month.