Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses of a Creed

  • Daily recitation or reflection upon the creed individually, in a small group,
    or as whole group/class/team.

    • Choose grouping strategy
    • Choose recitation selection (a creed, a line of the creed, or
      supporting materials) chosen by leader or learners
    • Assign time (2-3 minutes) for recitation, reflection and sharing ideas
      d. Allow 3-4 individuals to share their thoughts and ideas (oral or
    • End on a positive note…point out ideas that support or connect to
      the 8 Expectations for Living, Life Principles, or a word/phrase of the
  • Feedback - focus on the positive and you will see more positive
    • Use words from the chosen creed or the 8 Expectations for Living to
      highlight desired behaviors and attitudes demonstrated by learners
    • Use words from the chosen creed or the 8 Expectations for Living to
      support a learner’s effort to meet objectives or goals
    • Use words from the chosen creed or the 8 Expectations for Living to
      celebrate successes
  • Group Recitation helps to build a climate of unity and mutual respect
    • Choose the 8 Expectations for Living or create a class/team creed
      that sets a standard for the desired behaviors and attitudes to be
    • Recite a creed or selections from a creed daily to build unity and
      team spirit
    • Use recitations to ease transitions and to refocus learners after state
      changes, transitions or disruptions
  • Use the creed or selected phrases from the creed to redirect undesired

    • When disruptions occur, use a line of the creed to refocus on goals
      or desired behaviors
    • When undesired behaviors occur, use the creed to restate your
      expectations for the desired behavior
    • When undesired attitudes occur, use the creed to remind learners of
      their purpose and their commitment to learning.
  • Reference during discussion of a story, other piece of literature, or a
    current event. Have students discuss and reflect on how the
    characters/people did or did not abide by the standards in the creed.
    Consider the following questions:

    • a. What part of our creed was evident?
    • b. How would the story/event turned out if they had/had not abided by it?