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On this page type in Enthusiasm and it will take you to several options, one of which is “How Is Your Reinforcing Language?”   There are ideas for use along with a short video showing examples in a classroom.

 Level 1:
Sesame Street:  Mindy Kaling and Elmo are Very Enthusiastic!    2:08 min

The Human Spirit is Powerful - Words of Encouragement  -  2:31 min. 

Level 1 & 2

"Small Child Sparks Enthusiasm in a Stadium"   1:11 min.

World Best Motivation Videos for Students   3:05 min.    

Books:  Level 1 – Elementary

Amazing Grace   by Caroline Binch

If I Ran The Circus    by Dr. Seuss

Mirette on the High Wire   by Emily Arnold McCully

Level 2

Short & Sweet Creative Writing Activities by Randy Larson,  Grades 5-9

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference  - book by Norman Vincent Peale that teaches coping skills   -   MS/HS

How to Apply Piaget's Theory in the Classroom

Formal Operations - Applying Piaget's Theory