Poems about Magic Triad


Poems for Learners:

Anthology - Includes the following poems:

           “Someone Smiled at Me Today”  -Author Unknown

          “The Three Gates”  -Arabian

          “They Might Not Need Me  - Emily Dickinson

          “Influence”  - Joseph Norris

          “Hug O’ War” - Shel Silverstein

          “Smiling is Infectious”  - Author Unknown

          “A Simple Hug”   - Johnny Ray Ryder, Jr.

          “….tis He, arrayed”    - Percy Bysshe Shelly, Prometheus Unbound

          “Success”   - Author Unknown

          “The World Needs”

A Box of Crayons  - Author Unknown

The Life Heroic  - Author Unknown 

The Three Gates  - Arabian 


Poems for Educators:

The Bridgebuilder  by Will Allen Dromgoole

 The Tone of Voice Author Unknown

 Heart of a Teacher  Author Unknown


Expectation #3 – Elementary   Middle School     High School