Lesson/Activities/Songs for the Magic Triad

All Levels:

Expectation #1

3rd – 12th  Grades:

I cannot say I  Activity

“Attitude” Sand Activity
(See “Leave Your Hurts in the Sand” under Short Stories)

Cooperative Activities – may also be used as Brain Breaks or to review curriculum

The Magic Triad P.E.N.N.Y.
          Includes:   Praise vs. Encouragement
                              Praise vs. Encouragement T Chart
                              P.E.N.N.Y. poem
(See “The Five Pennies” song video under Songs)

“The Test of Three” story & Poster  

For Elementary:

Tear the Heart Activity

"Have You Filled A Bucket Today?" Carol McCloud  

"How Full Is Your Bucket Today? For Kids video 6:05 min.  Book with narration

Bucket Filling From A to Z – Ideas for Bucket Filling
 From the BucketFillers 101  website 


For MS/HS:

"How Full Is Your Bucket?"  by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton
Bucketfiller Ideas for MS/HS 

ReFrame It Activity

Building Self-Esteem Reflection Activity

Short Stories:

“A Deed Not Forgotten”  Author Unknown

“Buying a Miracle”

“Leave Your Hurts in the Sand” -  Author Unknown


Before You Speak - T.H.I.N.K.

Magic Triad Poster with Quote

Magic Triad Poster – Heart/Hand/Smile

The Seven Ups Poster


Songs:  This Link contains the lyrics to the following songs; Words in blue are links to videos.  

Level 1 - Elementary:

Magic Triad Greeting and Song Lyrics - PreK-2

"Caring Song"  K - 5 
Caring Song lyrics   K-5

Have Fun Teaching Character Songs – Free downloadable   K-5 
“Hey, Good Neighbor Song” Lyrics - Elementary 

“Smile Song” and Chant

“You’re My Brother, You’re My Friend” Lyrics
"You're My Brother, You're My Friend" song video     1:42 min.

The Five Pennies Song Lyrics
"The Five Pennies" song video with Danny Kaye  2:06 

Level 2 – MS/HS

"A New Attitude" song by Patti LaBelle   6-12th
“A New Attitude” song lyrics

“For Good” from WICKED lyrics
"For Good"  Kristen Chenoweth  4:08  
"For Good" from original Broadway cast sung by Kristen Chenoweth  1:58


Positive Daily Messages:  PDM’s

Just for Today

I Count it AL


Looking Good!



 Student Desk Magic Triad Signs

Magic Triad for Desks -   K-5  

Magic Triad – Heart-Hand-Smile  PreK-3