Index of Procedures

Index of Procedures

Answering Questions with Assistance

Forming Pairs Strategies

Forming Groups

“Give Me Five” - Callback procedure

Greeter Procedure Examples

Hallway Procedure Chants/Songs


Handbook of Procedure Examples
Includes examples of:

  • Entering the Classroom
  • Morning Procedures
  • Procedures for Lining Up
  • Hallway Procedures
  • Participation Procedures
  • Procedures for Working in Cooperative Groups
  • Restroom Procedures
  • Audience Procedures
  • Procedure for Attending Assemblies
  • Procedure for Greeting Visitors
  • Cafeteria Procedures
  • Procedures for Turning in Assignments
  • Tuesday Folder Procedures
  • Indoor Recess Procedures
  • End of Day Procedures
  • Procedures for Using Cell Phones
  • Computer Lab Procedures

Remedy for Tardy Students

Student Management Songs and Chants

  • Quiet’s Alive Chant
  • Chant for Leaving Desk
  • Callback for Quieting Students
  • Self-Discipline Refocusing Chant
  • Criss Cross Applesauce Chant
  • Song for Going Out to Recess

Hands and Verbal/Non-verbal Class Management Procedures