Acquire the Vision Secondary

D.R.E.A.M. Process – Fourth Step

A – Acquire the Dream!


To define the vision/dream through exploration

Cultural Components




Technology Activity:Using their smart phones or iPads have students open their browser and search for ‘Top 10 Inspirational quote slide show’. It will take them to a slide show of these quotes.

For use with Smart Board, click on this address Top 10 Dream Quotes

Option: Top 10 Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Ask them to pick their favorite quote or two and enter in their journal or save in NOTES on their phone for future use.

Suggested Activities


1) Have learners read the poem, The Dash by Linda Ellis . Have them create a time line beginning with their birthdate and filling in with at least 6-10 important events up to now. Have them add at least three things they would like to have included in their ‘DASH’ from this point of their lives.

2) Idea Video: Use to process ‘Idea’ Concept

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson 4:06 min. One of our most

innovative, popular thinkers takes on, in exhilarating style, one of our key questions:

Where do good ideas come from?

Tools for Creating a Vision/Dream:
Select one or more to process the video stories below.

1) ‘Creating A Vision” process - Shows the steps for achieving a dream.

2) Goal Setting with C.R.O.S.S.ROADS™ process worksheet – Gives the steps for making the decisions in working out a vision/dream. Apply in the real life stories below. See Example of Goal Setting with C.R.O.S.S.ROADS™ process

3) Five Step D.R.E.A.M. process checklist In whole or small group use the checklist to discuss how the people in the stories below might have gone through this process in achieving their life’s goals.

Real Life People – Videos and articles about people who have achieved their vision/dream.


1) Change Your Life Video 4:35 min. Apply one of the Tools listed above.

2) Watch or listen to the video: To Dream the Impossible Dream 4:11 min. - Brian Stokes Mitchell performs "The Impossible Dream (The Quest)" with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio on the 57th Annual Tony Awards, June 8, 2003

Apply the meaning of the The Impossible Dream lyrics to the real life stories below.

Questions for discussion:

  • What might some of the unbearable sorrows have been?
  • Who might some of the unbeatable foes have been?
  • What was their quest?
  • Why would it seem like an ‘unreachable star’?
  • How is courage evident?

3) Charlotte and Johnathan 16 and 17 year old singers on Best Audition Ever Britain Got Talent 2012 7:30 min. Terrific video addressing judging by appearances.
Jonathan & Charlotte Final Britain's Got Talent performance 4:32 min. Shows the results of pursuing a dream.

4) Susan Boyle, a 47 year old British woman.

5) Everybody Can Do Something, Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen, p 250-252 Story about Roger Crawford

  • Clarity of Vision - Roger Crawford 6:02 min. Video with Roger Crawford sharing his football story that is featured in Jack Canfield's book, Chicken Soup for the Soul. How do you become a Hall of Fame Division 1 athlete, in spite of a physical challenge affecting all four limbs? The answer has inspired audiences worldwide for over 25 years. Sports Illustrated calls Roger Crawford " of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in history.
  • Roger Crawford - A Vision in Motion - Biography of Roger Crawford, the first and only athlete with four impaired limbs to compete in an NCAA Division One college sport and to be certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association. As a result of his athletic accomplishments, he was inducted into the Loyola-Marymount University Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • Real Handicaps can be overcome, it is the imaginary ones that disable us. 3:16 min. Most handicaps that prohibit us from reaching our potential are not seen; often they are self-imposed. These disabling limitations are frequently the negative beliefs held by an individual or an organization about their abilities and possibilities.

6) - Go to this website and view the video about the Inspirational Olympic Athletes 3:21 min. Included on this site are the stories and videos of 30 individual athletes.

Bonnie Blair Olympic Legend 21:13 min. Appropriate and meaningful to watch only first parts of this video .

Bonnie Blair Olympic Athlete biography gives more information about some

of the difficulties she faced over her career. Included are situations where

poverty was overcome and failure to win proved to be an incentive.

Journal Reflections: (Select one)

Have learners draw or write for 3-5 minutes about:

My dream is to…

I wish I could…

I’d be willing to work really hard if I could…..