Develop Positive Relationships Elementary

DREAM Process – First Step:

D - Develop Positive Relationships


For students to meet in a non-judgmental manner, making strong connections with empathy and concern.

Cultural Components:




Technology Activity:   Using smart phones or iPads, model for learners the browsing and searching for ‘Top 10 Quotes on Friendship.  It will display a slide show, Brainy Quote Top 10 quotes on Friendship. For older learners allow them to do the search.

For use with Smart Board, click on this address,Top 10 Quotes on Friendship

Ask them to pick their favorite quote or two and enter in their journal or save in NOTES on their phone for future use.

Suggested Activities

Introductory Whole Group Sand Activity

Objective:  To make learners aware that as a part of a community we all share a piece of ourselves with each other.

Music:  Toy Story - "You've Got a Friend in Me" song and lyrics  2:10 min. 

Sand activity:

  • 5 different colors of sand or alternative material
  • Small snack size plastic bags, 1 per participant
  • Bowls, spoons (1 each per group of participants)

Alternatives Materials

  • Separate the colors of Trix or other multi-colored cereal into the different colors and make up an equal number of small snack bags -  1 for each learner
  • Tear up at least five different colors of paper into small pieces and make up an equal number of bags by placing about ¼ cup into snack bags– 1 for each learner
  • Colored rice


  • Make bags of sand or optional material in a variety of different colors and place in a basket so that participants can select their choice of color.
  • Place a bowl and spoon on each table. 


  • Place participants in groups of 4-5.
  • Have each member of the group select a different color of sand
  • Discuss how each of us brings certain strengths to the classroom.
  • The different colors represent the diversity of our strengths.
  • Each person places half of the material in their bag in a bowl on the table.  One person mixes it up and then everyone takes a spoonful and puts it back in their bag.

Point to be made:  When we become a community we share a piece of ourselves with each other.

Pair Share:   Show Hands Diversity poster and have learners do a pair share about :

                        1) How does the picture show diversity?
                        2)  How am I diverse from others?


Have learners draw or write for 3-5 minutes about:

“I see myself as a part of……….”

I feel I belong when…

Feeling part of a group is important because….