Encourage Effort High School

D.R.E.A.M. Process – Third Step

E – Encourage effort


To increase student achievement through meaningful instruction that includes review, relatedness, integration, and strong connections to student’s real world

Cultural Components




Technology Activity:Using their smart phones have students open their browser and search for ‘Top 10 Inspirational quote slide show’. It will take them to a slide show of these quotes.

For use with Smart Board, click on this address, Top Ten Inspirational Quotes

Ask them to pick their favorite quote or two and enter in their journal or save in NOTES on their phone for future use.

Option: Top 10 Winston Churchill Quotes

Suggested Activities


Encouragement Mind Map Have copies for each student or do whole group with projection of the mind map on the board.

Poster paper


  • Have learners pair share what the word ‘encouragement means to them.
  • Encouragement - use this link to Webster’s dictionary to do a lexicon
  • View the ‘Video Do You Really Want It? 30 sec. – soccer player being encouraged.
  • Have learners pair share

- what encouragement looked like in the video.

- what the results of the encouragement were

  • Use an Encouragement mind map to brainstorm the characteristics of an Encourager

Option: Blank Mind Map

Use the cooperative activity below to have the learners brainstorm and create a poster of words, “What Encouragement Sounds Like!” that may be displayed and potentially referenced proactively in management situations.

(See instructions below)

Optional Cooperative Activity:

Goal: For learners to create posters of what encouragement looks like in the different areas of their lives.


Poster size pieces of paper

One different colored marker for each group


  • Label individual poster size sheets: (# can vary according to size of groups)
    • What Encouragement Looks like in sports.
    • What Encouragement Looks like in class.
    • What Encouragement Looks like in the hallway
    • What Encouragement Looks like (whatever areas are appropriate)
  • Place the poster size sheets around the room
  • Divide learners into same # of groups as # of posters
  • Each group should assign one member to be a recorder and one to be a reporter
  • Give each group a different colored marker.
  • Have each group stand by a poster
  • On teacher’s signal, the members are to brainstorm words/phrases to be recorded on the poster by the recorder.
  • After about 3 -4 minutes at a signal from the teacher, the groups are to rotate clockwise to the next poster and follow the same procedure.
  • After each group has rotated to all of the posters, have the reporter from each group share what is on their final poster.

Journal Reflections: (Select one)

Have learners draw or write 3-5 minutes about:

I like to be encouraged…

A time someone has encouraged me was….

I can encourage someone by…