Introductory R Activity 6-12

D.R.E.A.M. Process – Second Step

R – Realize strengths and potential


To have students working out of their strengths and developing a learner-directed accountability system based on high expectations and rigor.

Cultural Components


  •  unique   or select word from the Vision/Dream Glossary
  • Lexicon



Optional Technology Activity:   Using their smart phones or iPads have students open their browser and search for ‘Walt Disney brainy quote slide show’.  It will take them to a slide show of Walt Disney’s Top 10 quotes. 

For use with Smart Board, click on this address,  Top 10 Walt Disney Quotes

Ask them to pick their favorite quote or two and enter in their journal or save in NOTES on their phone for future use.

Walt Disney’s Top Ten Famous Quotes – printable list

Suggested Activities

Activity #1:

Materials: Copies of the
Walt Disney Biography


  • Put learners in groups of 3-5.
  • Hand out the biography of Walt Disney and tell the members to divide the numbered paragraphs up evenly among the group. Each member will be responsible for reading the paragraphs silently and then reporting their contents to the group.
  • Give them sufficient time (5-10 minutes) to read the material and then start the reporting beginning with whoever has #1. (Hint: Encourage to underline important points. Have a silent signal such as laying the paper facedown to show when finished reading.)
  • Either as a whole group or in the individual groups use the information to identify the sentences/phrases that address Disney’s strengths and potential. Encourage them to add other character strengths that are evident.

Journal Reflection: “What can I learn from Walt Disney’s example?”

Activity #2:


1 piece of paper for each student – (Star size is dependent on size of the paper.)

Scissors to share

Copies of Dream Star Directions - 1 per student or project on Smart Board


  • Put learners in groups of 3-5.
  • Lead learners through the creation of a five-pointed star (see ‘Dream Star Directions’ pattern) and instruct them to write his/her strengths/talents on the points of the star.
  • In the group have each learner share what is written on his/her star and then have the group share their ideas of that person’s strengths and potential. Add these to the star.
  • Have the group ‘Mill to music’ –(see music links above) and share with at least two other people their strengths.

Final Instructions to participants:

  • “Before you sit down, discuss with your current partner the following question”:

1) “Why is encouraging me to work out of a strength important to

achieving my dream?”

Suggestion: Display stars and/or have students save them in their journals for

future use.

Journal Reflection: (Select One)

Have learners draw or write for 3-5 minutes about:

“What stands out about my strengths and potential from this activity?”

“I really believe that I can…”