Survival Skills

Survival Skills

Pick a practice to perfect
With purpose you’re improving
You’ll see true learning in your students
The goal toward which you’re moving.

A light, a spark, true eagerness
Questioning becomes the rule
Curiosity, imagination, problem-solving
All become their tool.

To think critically, analyze, and synthesize
Essential skills to keep apace
Discerning challenges and opportunities
(An entrepreneur) Or (So vital ) in this world’s workplace.

Communication, both written and oral
A place to focus as deficient they say
The biggest life skill missing
In our graduates of this day.

Collaborating across networks now
Part of a team the worker must be
No matter nationality or distance
Leading by influence and trust is the key.

Disruption makes agility important
With jobs changing at every turn
Seeking constantly new answers and solutions
To be flexible is what we all must learn.

The global market heralds Twenty first century skills
So in education teachers cannot contrive
To educate the Old World way
But change, close the achievement gap and survive!

---Tony Wagner

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