Self Reflection Strategies

Journaling Tips  -   Why journaling is important and tips for implementing. 

Self Reflections Writing Stem Poster  - Printable Poster of sentence stems for learners to use to begin their self-reflective writing

Self Reflection Writing Stems 4x4 – Printable cards - 4 copies per page

One Minute Feedback  4x4 – Printable cards -  4 copies per page

Suggested Use For Writing Stems and One Minute Feedback:
Optimal use for processing involves giving learners an opportunity to:

  1. Select their writing stem
  2. Do a brief pair share verbally processing their thoughts with a partner
  3. Write

How Did I Do Today?    PreK – 1 – Printable Self Reflection and Goal Setting Sheet  (2 to a page)

Building Self-Esteem Reflection Activity