Practice Seven – Writing Strategies and Resources

Elementary Writing Activities

  1. I Like Myself:
    1. Put students in pairs.
    2. Direct students to take turns telling something they like about the other.
    3. Students are to write or draw pictures of things they like about themselves.
      on a sheet titled, “I Like Myself” with the words, “ I like my………”.
    4. Use chant for closure : I Like Myself! Chant
  2. After an introductory pair/share have the students create a Venn diagram showing the ways they are alike and different.
  3. Create a T Chart either as a whole group or individually comparing main character at the beginning of the story and then at the end of the story.
  4. Writing with Goal Setting :
    1. Simplified Goal Setting Worksheet - Blank Form
    2. Examples:
      1. PreK-2: EX 1 *
      2. Elementary: EX 1 Elem
      3. MS/HS: EX 1 MS/HS
      4. Educator: GS PR 6 Simplified EX
      5. Goal Setting Process Explanation, Forms and 
      6. Examples for all grade levels
  5. Encourage Me:
    • Have students draw a picture and write about a time when he/she praised or encouraged someone.
    • Pair or group students and give them time to share their work and discuss others work.
    • As a whole group, share new or additional ways that we can encourage others.
  6. Discuss - Draw - Display:
    • Have learners draw a picture of someone using good manners.
    • Have them explain their drawing to a partner.
    • Display pictures and use in building vocabulary and comprehension of good manners.
    • Display enriched vocabulary on Word Wall.
  7. Read-Write-Draw:
    • Read aloud or assign a story for students to read.
    • Encourage students to write their version of the story and include details that they remembered.
    • Using their version of the story, have students illustrate one or two pictures that showcase the details they included from their story.
    • Display the pictures and use them as prompts as the whole group discusses the original story.
  8. Talent Showcase Journal
    • Create a journal (paper and/or digital) or collection of a student’s talents, as they recognize them. Encourage the student to name the talent, describe the purpose of the talent, and write and illustrate the talent in action.
    • Share journals when appropriate to help students to recognize additional talents they may share with others. Showcase talents at Parent meetings, at the end of the day, or in a monthly recognition at Rise and Shine.
  9. Lessons and Strategies for Self-reflection Elem. Middle S. High S.
  10. PK-2 Word Wall Strategies
  11.  Elementary Word Wall Activities and Resources

Middle School/High School Writing Activities

  1. Think of a person who has influenced your life through the use of good manners or courtesy.
    Write a 25-50 word note of appreciation to that person. Be sure to include
    specific details about your experience.
    Ask for volunteers to share their notes.
  2. Write a short dedication at the top of the page of your assignment. A dedication is written to honor or remember someone who has make an impact on your life. Write a ”Thank You” to someone who has given you encouragement or for a kind act they did for you.
  3. Choose a quote and write about a situation in which the quote would be helpful.
  4. List a Life Principle and write a short story that reflects the importance of your selected Life Principle.
  5. Choose a line from the School or Class Creed and write your plan for using the suggested action or idea to improve your world.
  6. Book of Wisdom - A journaling strategy that supports character development
  7. ‘We're ALL Stars’ Activity - for grades 3-12) Activity to recognize and affirm individual strengths
    1. Star Activity Pattern - Star pattern to be used with lower elementary
    2. How to make a 5 pointed star - How-to-fold a 5 point origami star
    3. 5 Point Star Directions
    4. How to Make a 5 point star video - 1:17 min.
  8. Lessons and Strategies for Self-reflection Elem. Middle S. High S.
  9. MIddle School/HIgh School Word Wall Activities and Resources