Practice Seventeen – Implementation Ideas

Practice 17 Implementation Ideas

  1. Encouragement Strategies - 15 encouragement strategies for all grade levels


    1. Thumbs Up” Slips
    2. Shout Out “ Slips
  2. Showcasing for Success - the ‘When?’ and ideas for ‘How?
  3. Celebration - 40 quick easy celebrations to recognize quality work and efforts
  4. 50 Ways to Recognize Effort in Elementary
  5. Send small groups to visit other classes/groups to give them a celebration for achievement/encouragement. (Arrange with the teacher beforehand.)
  6. Positive Daily Messages - writing activity using positive feedback and encouragement
  7. Go Noodle - website with free quick action brain breaks
  8. Encouragement vs Praise for Teachers - Article giving research showing the effectiveness of encouragement rather than praise. Includes examples.
  9. Brain Breaks


    • Boogie On Down Board Poster - Create a poster size board with 12 action words and use it with high energy music to integrate movement into the activities of the day! With actions picked by students, you can pump up any slump with a little Boogie!
  10. Walk the Talk Resources - includes videos, quotes, sign language, and other strategies
  11. 10 Powerful Community Building Ideas - Strategies for ensuring that students in every grade feel like they’re part of the classroom community.
  12. Feedback Resources
  13. Praise and Encouragement - Defines the differences and benefits of encouragement over praise
  14. Eight Proactive Classroom Management Tips - Edutopia article giving classroom management strategies to boost academic engagement and reduce disruptive behavior such as ‘Greeting kids at the door’
  15. Six Ways to Improve Communication - Tips and strategies for improving communication through feedback, quotes and more
  16. How It’s Said in Action - 7 Activities for exploring the importance of tone of voice, body language, etc.
  17. Creating Positive Dialogue by Redirecting with Quotes - Includes links to all quote resources and strategies for the use, including a variety of practical examples and printable quote posters
  18. Ideas for Work Displays
  19. Great Teamwork video - 1:16 min. - A short video demonstrating teamwork. Follow with discussion/writing about what characteristics had to be in place to accomplish the end result.
  20. Good Teamwork and Bad Teamwork - 3:20 min. – Shows first an example of Bad Teamwork and then a couple of Good Teamwork
  21. Cooperative Learning - Directions for 9 strategies
  22. Creating Positive Dialogue by Redirecting with Quotes - Strategies for the use of Quotes including a variety of practical examples and printable quote posters
  23. 4x4 Magic Triad Task Cards - Songs and poems