Practice 10 – Ten Digital Apps for Displaying Work

Ten Digital Apps for Displaying Work  by Dr. Diana Saylak, Ed.D.

  1. A Social Media Account i.e. Facebook
  2. QR Code Monkey - Free app for generating QR codes to attach
  3. Digital Picture Frames - Wide variety available at wide range of prices
  4. Private YouTube Channel - Create your own YouTube channel and select those who have access to view its contents. Below are a few articles outlining the steps.
    1. How to Build a Private YouTube Channel by Kimberlee Leonard
    2. How to Build a Private YouTube Channel by Techwalla
    3. Great Video Content to Put on your School YouTube Channel - suggestions for content
  5. Rocketbook Pages - There are 8 FREE downloadable pages.
    1. How to Use the Rocketbook App
  6. Thinglink - ThingLink mobile app is the easiest way to save and share notes and observations about real-world spaces, situations and artifacts. Ideal for classroom and workplace learning with direct voice recording to camera photos!
  7. Record Me Apps - Apps that enable creating student portfolios
    1. Flipgrid
    2. Seesaw - student driven digital portfolio, allows for giving feedback
  8. Green screen Apps - put the learner inside a 3D project
  9. Google - has multiple tools integrated such as a Word document, spreadsheet,
    1. Kaizena - This is an addon app in Google that allows you to give voice feedback.
  10. Figment AR - Downloadable App. Display student work in Augmented  reality with objects, portals, and effects! Create imaginative scenes and  capture them to share with friends. Make your world more fun by placing 3D emoji, animals, and other objects around you. Or step into another world by using portals and walk into a new dimension. Enhance these scenes with environmental effects like snow or fireworks or add filters to change your view of the world!