Practice Ten – “Best Work” Bowl

“Best Work” Bowl

  • Goal: To recognize students for defining and meeting individual specific “Best Work” goals and posting their work. 
  • Each students creates a “Best Work” Goal - something specific and measurable that results in quality work 
    • Should be written down in some form such as in a Goal Progress Log, at top of paper, on 3x5 goal card, a post-it note, etc.
    • Simplified Goal Setting Worksheet - This is a form that outlines the steps and gives working space to write out the goal and plan to achieve it.
    • Recommend support by an accountability partner (i.e. fellow student, teacher, relative, etc.)
  •  Examples of specific goals: 
    1. Getting name on paper
    2. Using punctuation or capitalization of first word in sentence, etc.
    3. Showing work for solving problems
    4. Handing in work on time
    5. Completing work in class
    6. Raise my spelling grade by 10 points
    7. Increase my study/reading time by 10 minutes a day for 3 days each week.
  • Option: Create a pledge statement for “Best Work”.
    Student: ”In striving towards excellence I pledge my effort towards  achieving my specific “Best Work” goal.
    Teacher: “Now share today’s goal with your pair/share partner.”
    Suggestion: Take 30 seconds at the beginning of class and have students review their specific goal, say pledge, and share goal.
  • Implementation of “Best Work” Bowl

    • Small slips of paper for student’s names
    • Medium size bowl/container for name slips
  •  Directions:

    1. Establish guidelines for putting student’s names slips into the bowl such as: 
      1. Meeting individual “Best Work” goal for ________(period of time - week?)
      2. Posting a “Best Work” for display
      3. Presenting “Best Work” to audience - i.e. if class does assembly presentation, then all get name in the bowl
      4. Accountability Partner Recognition - Allowing students to recognize their partners by putting their name in the bowl.
    2. Select the frequency for drawing names from the bowl.
    3. Use the resources below to recognize progress and coach students on giving appropriate positive feedback.
    4. Use a progress check method such as the Goal Progress Log for individual accountability.