Prek-2Nd Word Wall Strategies

PreK – 2nd Word Wall Strategies

Activity #1:

Use LEXICON form for any vocabulary word.

  • Option: General Lexicon Elements – based on Marzano’s Six Steps 

 Activity #2:

Complete at least three.

  • Write the word.
  • What do you notice about the word?
    • 1. # of letters
    •  2. # of consonants, vowels
  • Create a math problem with the #’s.
  • Count the number of syllables.
  • Define the word.
  • Draw a picture representing the word.

Activity #3:
The Vocabulary Rap
Find your word and step it out.
Color code what it’s all about.

Blend it, say it, make it complete
Repeat it together, don’t skip a beat.
What’s our word?
Say it again.
Now let’s clap it.
Now let’s stomp it.
Now let’s whisper it.
Now let’s spell it.

Activity 4: Word Match 
Create Word cards that may be cut in half. (See Template) Preprint or have learners write selected vocabulary on the cards. Precut or have learners cut. Collect and distribute randomly. Have learners find the other half of their word card. Have pairs line up and share their word with the group.

Activity #5:Wedding between 'Q' and 'U'

Kindergarten hosts the wedding of Mr. Qq and Miss Uu each spring. Following are sample printable planning documents: 

* QU Parent Help Letter 
* Q and U Wedding Script
* Sample QU Wedding Invitation
* Sample Qu Wedding Preparation Plans
* QU Graphics for use with emails and documents

Activity 6: -  TIRED WORDS! 

Learners create an ongoing Word Wall with synonyms for overused words.
1. Brainstorm commonly overused words such as good, bad, said, happy,
 pretty, saw, big, nice, little, etc. 
2. Make a display with pockets for each word. Have learners find and write
 synonyms on slips provided that may be put in the appropriate pocket. 
 This is ongoing and words may be added throughout the year. 
3. Direct learners to use the Word Wall to find synonyms that fit into their
 writing or speaking. 
4. Option: Create Personal Pocket Thesaurus – learner creates an individual
 thesaurus for these words. Click on link for printable documents. To see
 example go to PreK-2 Word Wall Photo Gallery)


The following activities may be used to practice the spelling of any word:

Activity #7: Raise the Roof  

  • Push up toward the ceiling, one push for each letter

Activity 8:
 Imaginary Chalkboard  
Tell learners to:

  • Pretend a chalkboard is in front of you.
  • Write each letter on the chalkboard.  Make the letters large.
  • When you are finished with each word you can pretend to erase it.
  • Hint:   If teacher is leading from the front of the room he/she will have to form letters backwards.

Activity #9: Stomping   

  • Stomp out each letter with your foot.

Activity #10: Frog Jumps

  • Start standing up.
  • As you say each letter crouch down a little farther.
  • Jump into the air at the end as you say the word.

Activity #11: Tigger Bounce   

  • Just do what Tiggers do best - bounce.  Bounce up and down for each letter.

Activity #12:  Toe Touches 

  • Have learners touch their toes - one touch for each letter.

Activity #13: Pat It 

  • Pat heads for tall letters
  • Pat stomachs for short letters
  • Pat knees for letters that extend below the baseline

Activity #14: Word Wall Chant
 Whisper a word in one student's ear who's holding a  pointer. It goes like this:
“Find the word,
It is near.
Where's the word?
It's right here!(Student w/pointer points to it)
Say the word. (Class says word)
Clap the parts. (Clap syllables)
Tap the sounds. (Tap syllables)
What a start!
Time to spell,
Close each eye.
Do it now,
Don't be shy! (Class spells word w/eyes closed)
Say the word,
One more time.
Loud and clear, (Say word again)
Now let's cheer! (Everyone cheers)

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