School Recognized as "Model School" for 12th Year

ARDMORE, OK– Plainview Primary Elementary in Ardmore has been named a “Model School” for the twelfth consecutive year by the Great Expectations Foundation.

“If I had to make the decision to go to a different school, I would definitely choose this one, there’s like no other school I would want to go to,” Isabella Gutierrez, 2nd grader, said.

An assembly and balloon release took place Friday morning celebrating teachers and administrators who contribute.

The program teaches 17 classroom practices that focus on creating a culture of respect and high academic achievement.
Instructional Coach for great expectations Regina Farquhar says Plainview is at the top for test scores, and the bottom for discipline referrals.

“We know that until we touch the heart and the behavior of students we don’t touch their learning or their intellect,”  Farquhar said.

Principal Lisa Moore says the classroom practices are researched-based and proven to increase student engagement and achievement.

“Our children, they know the expectations and they rise to meet those and they work very diligently, our students are very proud of our school,” Moore said.

First grader Gunner Pino says his favorite part of the program’s creed is to help one another whenever  possible.

“When I don’t have anybody to play with someone always comes over and asks, “hey do you wanna play soccer or football or basketball or anything with me?” Pino said.

Farquhar says the focus isn’t on typical classroom lectures but looking at how the students learn best.

“One of my favorite parts was, I got to do an animal donation fundraiser,” Gutierrez said.

Last year, across the nation 110 schools were recognized as model schools, but Plainview is leading in consecutive years.