Superintendent’s Chalkboard: Summer months provide time for BPSD employees to learn

By Dr. Gary Quinn

The summer months provide an ideal time to provide our employees with professional development and training opportunities. Many of our teachers take advantage of the time to refresh their instructional knowledge and develop technological skills that will help them become a better instructor.

The week following the last day of school, 22 teachers participated in four days of Great Expectations training. Participants spent 26 hours reviewing research-based practices in building personal relationships with students, parents and colleagues. They also reviewed procedures for engaging students in meaningful learning as well as, developing strategies for empowering students to set personal learning goals.

As we ready ourselves for the 2015-2016 school year, Great Expectations continues to be one of our district professional development initiatives. During the month of July, BPSD will host a regional Great Expectations Institute at Ranch Heights Elementary. Teachers new to the district will have the opportunity to learn six tenets, eight expectations and 17 practices that will assist them in setting high expectations for all of our students.