Teach Like A Pirate

My selection for book review this year came from my love of anything _____Like a Pirate.  Since meeting Dave Burgess several years ago at the ASCD conference, I’ve been a fan, and when I saw that his wife Shelley and Beth Houf have written Lead Like a Pirate: Make School AMAZING for Your Students and Staff, my decision was made!

I have to say the book did not disappoint.  It is packed full of ideas and strategies they each used to lead their respective schools.  They share the ways they lead their teams to create schools where teachers want to run into, not out of.  They pack the book with lots of social media examples of their own postings and explain how they used these avenues to grow parental involvement.

This book correlates well with GE philosophy, “… success does not happen by accident.  It happens as a result of strategic and intentional decisions.”  SO many pages turned down and lines highlighted in my book!  My favorite line in the book, “…some of the most powerful learning occurs through the right amount of struggle.”  If you know me at all, you know my favorite all time quote is, “There is no strength where there is no struggle.”

This book is divided into 4 easy-to-read sections—Lead Like a Pirate, X Marks the Spot: Leadership Treasure, Coach Like a Pirate and Be a Better Captain.  I read it in 2 days with lots of other stuff happening.  This book is wonderful for leaders—teachers, administrators, coaches, etc.  It rebirths passion!

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authored by
Kita Asbill
GE Instructional Coach