The Best Class You Never Taught

How SPIDER WEB DISCUSSION Can Turn Students into Learning Leaders

Alexis Wiggins

150 Occasionally, no, frequently I am asked if teaching effective communications skills (GE #16) and utilizing complete sentences (GE # 2) are necessary skills for promoting learning in the classroom. As I read current research I am assured that they are effective and more importantly essential for today’s learner! The Best Class You Never Taught by Alexis Wiggins is a very affirming read regarding communication in learning. It provides a blueprint for leading effective classroom discussion. Using the “SPIDER WEB DISCUSSION” as a processing tool, students find their voice and learn to collaborate, thus increasing academic achievement and a sense of community. Research is amply provided, and the book features helpful “Big Takeaways” making it a great read filled with practical applications for every classroom. 

The foreword of this book is provided by Jay McTighe who says, “The book is scholarly without being “ivory tower”; practical without being simplistic.”

I encourage you to secure a copy of this work to add to your toolbox as you seek to enhance effective communication and learning in your classroom!

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Book review provided by GE Instructional Coach ReGina Farquhar