The Power of a Positive Team

Not so long ago, I began to work on my second master’s degree in a much different learning environment where university students functioned in teams more often than not!  What a relief!  In this type of setting, I felt comfortable and confident in relationship building, acknowledging individual talents, and understanding the team members’ roles and responsibilities.  In preparation for success within today’s workplaces and organizations, the omnipresent teams learn with challenges and options to employ virtual, digital, or face to face frameworks.  A valuable resource worthy of a group study may be found in Jon Gordon’s book, The Power of a Positive Team.  

Mr. Gordon shares timely discussion points, including the attributes of great teams and personal success stories from other notable professionals. This book provides an avenue to elevate positive practices and principles for organization members such as learning communities, sports teams, and businesses.  Strategies include applying the inside out approach, understanding the investment needed for relationship building, embracing the ‘get to do’ attitude, finding your identity, and challenging the status quo.

The author also emphasizes the one-percent rule for all stakeholders.  The one-percent rule focuses on a mindset for giving one percent more time, energy, effort, focus, and care today than yesterday.  The realization is, “Greatness is never born from easy circumstances.” —Erwin McManus.

Jon Gordon promotes a ‘WE before ME’ attitude, which unites a true partnership built on trust.  He writes, “When we comes before me, you become the person and team you are meant to be.”  For the reviewer, these words echo commitment, collaboration, passion, and triumph.  

Within the remaining pages, thoughts are provided for reflecting and answering the question, “Are You a Real Team? The Power of a Positive Team serves as a powerful resource for examining what uplifts and drives a team. 

Review written by Great Expectations Instructional Coach Betty Flurry

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